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The Trial Game of Life – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Jealous 

Returning to Yong Ye City, Jin Cheng and Tang Cuo appeared in the living room at the same time. The two looked at each other across the coffee table, one expressionless while the other wearing a cold smile on his face.

“Black Hat, that son of a b*tch.”

But this also proved that Jin Cheng and Tang Cuo’s guess wasn’t wrong — the four items that Black Hat wanted belonged to a Western Fantasy dungeon. It could even be said that they were all hidden in the continent of Sicilit.

Jin Cheng sat down on the sofa and crossed his legs like an old uncle: “Do you think Black Hat and Lin Yandong are hiding something between themselves?”

Timing was very important. At the point when Black Hat issued the laws, beside the reason that he happened to have the 12th Movement, it was probably also because Jin Cheng and Tang Cuo had triggered the dungeon [Kingdom Hidden In The Moonlight].

It might not necessarily be Lin Yandong who leaked the news. It might be K, but would K know so many details? Jin Cheng believed that not so much information could’ve been revealed.

“You can look for Lin Yandong to investigate a bit. If all four items are from [Kingdom Hidden In The Moonlight], we can’t defy the law, but whether we want to do the mission or not is still up to us.” Tang Cuo sat down opposite him.

“That’s true, but there’s one important thing —” Jin Cheng raised a finger: “Do you think Lin Yandong knows that there might be movements hidden inside [Kingdom Hidden In The Moonlight]?”



“I don’t know.”

“It seems that we’re thinking the same thing.”

Tang Cuo and Jin Cheng’s so-called intuition wasn’t completely unexplainable. It was their brain’s answer based on experience after countless deductions. To put it simply, it was probability.

To believe in intuition was to believe in oneself.

Right after that came the rewards they got from this dungeon.

[Drake’s Gem] had been given to Black Hat before Tang Cuo could learn its use, so he missed it entirely. The only thing that gave him some solace was that there were still good items in the remaining rewards.

[Louis XIV’s Self-Portrait]

Classification: Material

Quality: Common

Description: A portrait drawn by a handsome young man while looking at himself in the lake, left behind for the world’s admiration.

[Tears of The Secret Lake]

Classification: Material

Quality: High

Description: The tears of the Secret Lake have a strong hallucinogenic effect.

[Ammo’s Gift]

Classification: Material

Quality: Rare

Description: A horn that was shed when the unicorn was young. When ground into powder and sprinkled in a blacksmith’s furnace, there will be unexpected results.

[Dragon Flame]

Classification: Weapon

Quality: High

Description: It’s said that a pen made of dragon bones is indestructible. Use it to write spells and the effect is ten times that of chanting spells.

In addition to these, of course there were some garbage items, which weren’t worth being mentioned here. After adding points, Tang Cuo’s Character attributes became:

No. K27216: Tang Cuo

Character points: 34 

Strength: 125

Intelligence: 65

Charm: 35

Rating: A 

HP: 85

[Survival is not easy, please never stop trying.]

Almost all the things in the wooden box that McCaw dug out were with Tang Cuo. Jin Cheng’s harvest wasn’t as rich, but after completing the side mission, he got another fragment of a music sheet.

“At present, I still don’t know how many pieces are there in total, but knowing this rotten Yong Ye City, the last piece must lie in the very last round.” Jin Cheng said.

Tang Cuo nodded in agreement, then he asked seriously: “Aren’t you tired? Don’t you want to have some rest?”

Jin Cheng rarely saw Tang Cuo care so much about him. He even asked two questions in a row, which truly made Jin Cheng shaken to the core. Jin Cheng quietly let out a “tsk” in his heart, If the little bastard’s temperament suddenly changes like this, he must be displeased with something. 

That said, this way of showing displeasure surely was rather unlike him.

“I haven’t rested since I entered the dungeon. I’m indeed a little tired. Why don’t we go back to our room and sleep together?”

Today, Jin Cheng once again shamelessly danced on the edge of being beaten up by Tang Cuo.

Sleep what sleep? Look at yourself. This moment you’ve got a princess, then next moment you’ve got a prince, dancing back and forth all so happily. Tang Cuo nonchalantly stood up and said: “You go back to your room and sleep then, I’ll go to the training ground.”

Jin Cheng didn’t dare to let him go alone, for fear that he would return to ‘singlehood’ after Tang Cuo left. Thus, he leisurely tailed behind Tang Cuo and headed out.

Halfway through, the two of them were stopped by the owner of the hot-and-sour noodles shop, so they went in and made their orders.

Tang Cuo really loved hot-and-sour noodles, so much so that he probably ranked Jin Cheng below the noodles.

Jin Cheng held his chin with both hands and watched Tang Cuo eat. A young girl’s posture was used by a handsome man with a scarred face and 1.9-meter height, yet absolutely nothing looked out of place.

After a while, he asked again: “If you’re stranded on a desert island, would you take me or hot-and-sour noodles?”

Tang Cuo: “…”

Jin Cheng: “Say it.”

Tang Cuo: “Are you seriously so bored?”

Jin Cheng: “I’m feeling very chatty, so I’m chatting with you.”

Then how about you shut up?

Tang Cuo really didn’t understand why even hot-and-sour noodles couldn’t block Jin Cheng’s mouth. If I’m stranded on a desert island, would I take hot-and-sour noodles or Jin Cheng? How could there be such a boring and silly question?

But Jin Cheng wanted Tang Cuo to answer, so Tang Cuo had to earnestly think about it. Because he knew that if he didn’t answer, Jin Cheng wouldn’t let him go.

One would never really understand how difficult it was to play against Jin Cheng.

“I’ll take you.” He replied.

“Why?” Jin Cheng asked.

“Because you’ll bring me hot-and-sour noodles.”

“Am I just a bag of hot-and-sour noodles after all?”

That’s right, being hot and sour is exactly you.

Jin Cheng was very unhappy. He frowned, pursed his lips and folded his arms, looking all grumpy like an old uncle yet aggrieved like a young girl. He kept staring at Tang Cuo intently, as if he would never let Tang Cuo go even in his dream.

The auntie who had been happily eating melon seeds while watching them this whole time couldn’t help but try to persuade: “Xiao Tang, you should coax him. People like to be coaxed when they’re in love!”

Tang Cuo: “…”

Tang Cuo was so angry that he kicked Jin Cheng under the table. Jin Cheng finally stopped teasing him and joked with the auntie while wearing a gleeful smile: “Auntie, don’t worry, I’m having fun with him.” 

The auntie also laughed: “I know, I know.” 

When they left the hot-and-sour noodles shop, Tang Cuo walked very fast. Taking advantage of his long legs, Jin Cheng slowly followed behind him and said: “How about when we’re at the training ground later, I’ll let you beat me to release your anger?”

Tang Cuo ignored him.

Jin Cheng didn’t get angry either, because it was clearly not the way to the training ground. He knew, yet he still felt the need to ask: “Don’t you want to go to the training ground? Why are you heading back again?”

Tang Cuo, a very cool guy, said concisely: “Tired.”

Jin Cheng thought Tang Cuo was very cute whenever he turned on his ‘cool’ mode, so he raised his hand wanting to rub Tang Cuo’s head, but he met with a deadly glare. The hand that was about to carry out the deed had no choice but to fall on Tang Cuo’s shoulders, and with a neat hooking move, Jin Cheng smoothly removed the distance between the two of them.

Although Tang Cuo still didn’t smile, he didn’t avoid it. As Jin Cheng came close, he looked tamed again. Jin Cheng continued to smile and mumbled about himself being sleepy and tired. He almost put the entire weight of his body on Tang Cuo, but Tang Cuo said nothing, his expression as blank as usual.

Jin Cheng suddenly thought that perhaps whether it was before or after his death, he had always wanted a partner who could shoulder all his weight.

Falling in love really makes people sentimental. — a quote by Jin Cheng.

Returning to their place, the two took a short break.

Tang Cuo slept late and got up late. When he got up, Jin Cheng had already left, leaving a note on the table saying that he had gone to the central area to see Lin Yandong. The time was one hour ago.

A while later, Jin Cheng still didn’t come back, so Tang Cuo also left him a note and went to the training ground.

After staying in the training ground for almost four hours, Tang Cuo headed back to their apartment. As expected, Jin Cheng had been back and prepared food, waiting for Tang Cuo.

Tang Cuo took a shower and sat down at the dinner table. Immediately, he heard Jin Cheng say: “That old fox Lin Yandong. He jumped at my throat with another clue about the [Twelve Movements].”

“What number?”

“Not sure yet, but it’s probably 7th, 8th or 9th.”

“Where is it?”

“Zone G.”

Yong Ye City prison.

Tang Cuo didn’t expect such an answer. If the movement was in Zone G, they must fight against the infamously savage warden.

“Also, Lin Yandong blatantly told me that he got this information from Black Hat. I guess he wouldn’t blink even if we kill Black Hat.” Jin Cheng said again.

“Can Black Hat be killed?” Tang Cuo asked.

“Yes, but it’s difficult.” Jin Cheng tapped on the table with his finger: “The civil players are protected by the system. We can’t attack them casually, except for these two conditions. One, if they make a mistake and are fired; two, if we have the [Trump Card] in our hands. If we meet any of these two conditions, it’s possible.”

“The [Trump Card]?”

“It’s like a pass from the low-ranking zones to the high-ranking zones. It’s a single-consumption item that can only be obtained in the dungeon.”

Jin Cheng paused for a second before continuing: “Black Hat can’t die for the time being, since the Infinite Market of Dreams is still useful. It’s hard to know that we won’t need it for emergency uses in the future. Moreover, there are too many secrets hidden with him. I’ll be sad if we can’t dig them all out.”

Tang Cuo: “Should we go to Zone G?”

Jin Cheng shook his head: “There’s no need to get jailed just for the sake of paying a visit to the prison. Let’s wait until the right time to enter. If the movement is in Xiao Tong’s hands, no player will be able to get it within a short time.”

Xiao Tong was the warden’s name.

Tang Cuo nodded. Jin Cheng had a much deeper understanding of Yong Ye City’s affairs, and Tang Cuo was happily lazy when it came to making decisions.

But he suddenly remembered something: “Where’s that little girl? Is there no news?” 

“She’s still missing. Maybe she’s completely dead while in jail, or maybe she has gotten out. But if she has gotten out, with only herself, how can she hide from K’s eyes and ears?” 

Jin Cheng couldn’t help frowning when talking about her. He seldom saw such a strange case in Yong Ye City. It was as though the little girl was completely shrouded in a mist and couldn’t be touched or seen at all.

Now that she was missing, he felt inexplicably disturbed.

Tang Cuo felt the same way as him: “Perhaps we can find the answer from Zone G.”

After all this talking, their food almost got cold. Afraid that Tang Cuo would have low blood sugar again, Jin Cheng made sure he ate one full bowl of rice before finally nodding in satisfaction.

Tang Cuo said that this should rather be called ‘feeding a pig’.

Jin Cheng asked back: “A pig can eat and also can be eaten, how about you?”

Tang Cuo felt that this ‘eaten’ probably had another meaning and pretended that he didn’t understand, then he got up and went back to his room. The moment he was about to leave, Jin Cheng pulled his hand, sat cross-legged on the sofa and looked up at him: “I’ve rented a DVD.”

Their last trip to the cinema was interrupted by Black Hat, so Jin Cheng learnt a good lesson and rented a DVD to make their place a home theater. There were only two of them in the apartment and the lights were dim, perfect for growing their feelings.

This time, they didn’t watch a romance movie. Jin Cheng chose a historical movie with high ratings and big production, and the most important thing was that the male lead wasn’t as good-looking as him. In this way, he could tell Tang Cuo whenever the actor was acting cool that —

“I’m more handsome than him when wearing historical costumes.”

“Oh.” Tang Cuo also sat cross-legged, leaning lazily on the back of the sofa. Hearing Jin Cheng’s words, he raised his eyes, his expression icy cold: “Did Miao Miao see it too?”

Jin Cheng was stunned. What does this have to do with Leng Miao?

After a long moment, he realised that previously, he told Tang Cuo that he had played a role-playing dungeon of historical settings with Leng Miao, where he was a hero and Leng Miao was a beauty.

This also meant — 

“So you’ve been jealous?”


Tang Cuo quickly denied.

Jin Cheng quickly understood.

He couldn’t help but curl up the corners of his mouth, leaned on the sofa with one hand and pulled his whole body over to plant a kiss on Tang Cuo’s face that had tensed up slightly, and the next moment, he wholly slumped onto Tang Cuo with a broad smile.

Tang Cuo finally couldn’t hold it anymore and explode from embarrassment.

As to why he didn’t kick Jin Cheng out of the sofa and actually ended up being suppressed by Jin Cheng in the end, there was only one reason — of course, he couldn’t win over Jin Cheng.

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