The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day (BL) – English Translation Masterpost & Introduction

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Chinese name: 末世入侵 (Mo Shi Ru Qin)


A strange phenomenon fell down from the sky and aliens came over Earth.

Office nerd Fu Shiwu’s life was turned upside down, but luckily for him, Tang Xuhai, his fierce and powerful neighbour whom he wasn’t exactly on good terms with, took him on a journey to escape.

But Fu Shiwu could never imagine that halfway through the escape, this unbreakable man turned out to carry a steel plate in his body, which brought on an infection and sent him into a deadly fever.

In order to save him, Fu Shiwu, a white-collar elite who couldn’t even restrain a chicken, had to bite the bullet and go all out on the unknown terror waiting outside.

In this apocalypse, people survived with all sorts of tricks.

By having IQ, having muscles, or hugging the right thighs!

In order to compete for resources and talents, they also had to exhibit their character, flaunt their morals and push their very limits.

Fu Shiwu and Tang Xuhai’s team would like to implicitly express that: They definitely had all the above “virtues”.

— This is a story with zero system, zero rebirth, zero transmigration but still the right amount of golden fingers to pave a new way for humanity. 

Author: Nan Gua Lao Yao (南瓜老妖)

Genre: Shounen-Ai, Apocalypse, Survival, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Additional Tags: Slow Romance, Character Growth, Army, Special Abilities, Teamwork, Saving The World

Main CP: Powerful, thick-skinned, down-to-earth-but-may-actually-kill-you gong Tang Xuhai x Soon to be powerful, reticent, heart-of-steel-but-actually-care-a-lot shou Fu Shiwu

Length: 142 chapters + 1 extra (original); 233 chapters (adjusted chapter length for EN translation)

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Character Guide

Chapter 0: A Mini Stage Play

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The Invasion Day - Character Guide
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1 year ago

While reading [Saving Unpermitted] i saw [The Invasion Day] and I’m excited because i just read this at MTL and I really want to read this in a much clearer translation. It’s also one of my favorite apocalypse novels.
Thanks for translating this novels. And your good at picking novels to translate. I salute you and keep up the great job at translating.

1 year ago

Hello. Thank you for translating this novel. I’m really liking it. And I want to know if I can re-translate it into Portuguese. I will give your credits thank you

1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle N.

No problem, thanks for answering me. I started translating straight from Chinese and found this novel super simple to translate. DeepL helps a lot too hehehe. But I will definitely continue to read your wonderful translation, because it helps me understand the plot 🙂

1 year ago

Another zombie novel! Wow why haven’t I seen this in the NU yet?

1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle N.

That’s fine as well. I’m just use to using zombies as a synonym to apocalypse genre. Hehehe. It’s my favorite genre so as long as it’s an Apocalypse themed, I’m pretty much happy. ^^

Also, thank you for the hard work!

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