The Trial Game of Life

The Trial Game of Life – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Genius 

​​Only a few words from Tang Cuo made Black Hat feel that these two men had started calculating their steps to corner him from the very moment they stepped into the Infinite Market of Dreams.

No, perhaps they started even earlier.

“Even if you don’t give those items that I want, I can wait. Behind me is the Infinite Market of Dreams, do you think I have to ask you?” Black Hat snickered coldly, looking totally unmoved.

“If those four items really could be found in the Infinite Market of Dreams, you wouldn’t have issued that law.” Tang Cuo said bluntly.

“In that case, I can find a way to kill you, then those items will naturally fall into my hands.”

“Sorry, that is out of bounds. And I have resurrection items, you can’t kill me.”

Tang Cuo blocked Black Hat at every single sentence, refusing to take even half a step back. Then he turned the conversation around: “Chong Yanzhang is dead. No matter what purpose he carried that made him help Scarlet, he’s already dead. But you’re a civil-servant player, there’s absolutely no need to help her keep secrets, isn’t it? That isn’t your purpose either.”

Black Hat: “Then you tell me, what is my purpose?”

Tang Cuo: “Four years ago, in the dungeon [July Rose], you, Lin Yandong, the fortune teller Yan Ye and other teammates must have encountered something, or discovered something. Four years later, you use the [Twelve Movements] to open the Infinite Market of Dreams and to gather the four items. They must be related to that same dungeon. I guess Lin Yandong and Yan Ye joined you out of nowhere, so he wasn’t really on the same side as you. Even if he saved you later, your current motivations may not be the same.” 

Black Hat remained silent. He never expected that Tang Cuo already knew so much.

Tang Cuo stared at his eyes that were partially covered by the brim of his hat and his long fringe, then continued: “[July Rose] is only one part of [Kingdom Hidden in The Moonlight]. The people who could see the entire dungeon and arrive at the final truth can only be me and Jin Cheng. In the end, it’s only me and Jin Cheng that can help you achieve your wish. Whose side should you choose to be on, don’t you already know?” 

“You have chosen for me, so why are you still asking?”

“The dungeon has something to do with ‘God’.”

Hearing Tang Cuo answer a question that had never been asked, Black Hat finally let the smile at the corner of his mouth fade slightly, asking: “What else?” 

But this time, it was Tang Cuo’s turn to keep silent. He just sat still, his face expressionless as always, while standing beside him was the tall, beautiful Lilith. A handsome guy and a pretty girl, what a pair of big bosses.

This person won’t care the slightest bit about saving anyone’s face when he does business.

This was an impression Black Hat had about Tang Cuo, but after thinking about it, he really had no face to save when dealing with Tang Cuo. After the two sides held a stalemate for a long time, Black Hat finally said: “A release order, tranquilising toxin and BS055.”

Sure enough, even BS055 was taken from the Infinite Market of Dreams.

“Chong Yanzhang?”

“That’s right.” After he finished speaking, Black Hat added another mysteriously: “As for whether it was his own will, I don’t know.”

“How are the tranquilising toxin and corpse poison related?


Black hat stopped answering. He could reveal some information to Tang Cuo, but it didn’t mean he had to take care of everything. Chong Yanzhang took what he took; as for other details beyond that, it was none of his business.

“Considering how omniscient you are, you should go investigate yourself.” 

As he took his leave, Black Hat crossed paths with K, who was standing guard outside the private room. Clearly, Black Hat didn’t want to put up any pleasant expression. K shrugged and tossed him a mocking smile: “Was that quite a surprise?”

“Do not call me next time.” Black Hat fluttered his sleeves and walked away.

K gazed at his back before turning to look at the private room’s door, seemingly deep in thought.

In the private room, Lilith went back to sit opposite Tang Cuo: “I’ve never heard of the tranquilising toxin. If Wen Xiaoming is here, maybe he’ll know.”

“It’s okay, someone here knows.” Tang Cuo said, raising his voice slightly, and shouted towards the door: “Mr. K, aren’t you coming in yet?”

K seriously didn’t want to enter. He wasn’t quite in the mood to chat with either Jin Cheng and Tang Cuo, because he found that even if he might seem to benefit from those two on the surface, secretly, he actually suffered.

Even though some of those losses were due to him taking them up on his own volition.

“What do you call me for again?” That said, in the end, he really opened the door.

“Tranquilising toxin.” Tang Cuo said concisely.

“You really boss me around like a subordinate. Jin Cheng has to pay me for this later, okay.”

“Put it on his tab, he’ll pay.”

After a moment of silence, K finally uttered a single sentence: “I’m lost for words.”

Opposite him, Lilith smiled gleefully, as though eating sweets.

K concluded that his and her aura didn’t match, so he hugged his arms and leaned against the door, choosing to not come in: “I don’t know much about this tranquilising toxin. The name sounds very common, but I’ve never heard of it. It should be something that appears only once in a blue moon. But, I can point you to the Vaccine Research Institute in Zone C.”

Tang Cuo knew about this research institute because when Heaven’s Will first used BS101 in East Cross Street, Wen Xiaoming brought back the antidote from this institute.

‘Corpse poison’ was originally one of Scarlet’s skills, so this tranquilising toxin should have something to do with why the living corpses didn’t go to jail after being killed. It seemed that someone had to pay a visit to this research institute.

Perhaps this was the key to breaking the game.

Tang Cuo asked Lilith to go, but Lilith refused: “Boss asked me to watch you here. I can’t leave, otherwise, he’ll kill me when he comes back.”

Tang Cuo said: “You listen to him, but he listens to me. You go now.” 

Lilith & K: “…”

There was absolutely no flaw in this logic.

K now believed that Tang Cuo was really Jin Cheng’s true love, for he could truly subdue Jin Cheng and make the man obey his every word. But Lilith was still hesitant. There were two reasons why she didn’t want to leave: One was about Tang Cuo’s safety, and the other was that she might run into Scarlet again.

If that happened, she couldn’t guarantee whether she could still keep her senses.

As if seeing through her worries, Tang Cuo spoke again at this moment: “When you get out of here, go straight to Zone C. Don’t stop no matter what you see on the road. If you successfully complete this task, I’ll tell you the love story between Jin Cheng and me.”

Lilith: “Deal.”

K gaped in amazement.

As K and Lilith left one after another, Tang Cuo pondered for a while before opening the room door that led to the bar hall. The players outside the door took a peek — there were two more persons earlier, yet now there was only one left.

Are they playing a disappearing magic trick here?

Tall Man and the plant-type ability user Pei Pei, who just nicely arrived at the Ruby Bar, stealthily hid in the crowd. They felt a little suspicious and decided to not rashly come forward.

The two waited in silence.

On the other side, the battle that took place in Lawless’s secret base was about to come to an end.

After all, Yao Qing and Miao Qi were only two people, and Miao Qi had been seriously injured, not to mention the [Spider Vines] in his body hadn’t been removed. With their combat strength greatly reduced, Miao Qi even became a burden. Yao Qing’s strength also hadn’t been fully restored, rendering his puppets rather useless.

In the end, Miao Qi fired a cannon to cover Yao Qing, allowing him to jump out of the window to escape, but Miao Qi failed to get out.

“Let me beat him hard!” Miao Qi’s cannon gun had been so effective on Forgettable Face that he couldn’t keep the few strands of hairs left on his head. He was extremely furious: “Pour potion into his mouth, hang him by his last breath! I’ll torture him such that he wishes he could die.”

Saying so, he kicked Miao Qi’s belly again: “Run away then. You have so many [Spider Vines] in your body, run if you can!”

Miao Qi had fainted from the pain, then he was stubbornly revived by the potion. But a lunatic was always a lunatic. Why? Because when he spotted Forgettable Face’s hilarious bald head, he could still mutter: “So ugly.”

Forgettable Face was so irate his lungs were this close to blowing up. Luckily, his teammate stopped him in time and said: “He’ll die for real if you hit him again.”

“Let go of me!” Forcefully, Forgettable Face broke free of the teammate’s grasp, but he didn’t attack any further. As he ran to the window and looked out, Yao Qing, who had run far away, turned around and waved at him.

Forgettable Face really couldn’t hold back anymore. The injuries he had gathered now decided to burst at the same time, making him vomit blood with anger.

Stunned, everybody hurried over to feed him a potion, for fear that he would turn into a flash of light. Just when everyone’s attention was on Forgettable Face and Miao Qi, Zheng Yingying, still pretending to be a Lawless gang member, quietly walked to a room whose door was closed.

Zheng Yingying never forgot the reason why she first thought this place was suspicious was because someone stuffed a living corpse into a sack and carried it here. Taking advantage of the chaos, she walked everywhere. Most of the doors had been opened because of the mess, but no living corpse was found inside. This was the only room that remained closed from the beginning to the end, with people constantly guarding it.

At present, those that stood guard here earlier had also been led away by Yao Qing and Miao Qi.

Zheng Yingying leaned close to the door and listened carefully. It seemed that she could hear the gagged screams of a living corpse, but the door was locked with a magic lock and she couldn’t open it.

Should she break in or continue to lurch around?

Zheng Yingying’s hand subconsciously stroked the hilt of her dagger, but the members of Lawless reacted very quickly and were very cautious. After a short while, they decided to evacuate all members and change to another location.

She had to retreat for now, but if Lawless wanted to retreat, it meant that if something was really kept in the room, it would also be moved.

Ten minutes later, Zheng Yingying finally managed to verify her guess — the living corpse was indeed locked inside.

Why did Lawless imprison a living corpse? What did they want to do? With such doubts, Zheng Yingying mingled with their team all the way to the new base.

Perhaps provoked by the relentless spying and betraying, every Lawless member was a bundle of nerves, but no one suspected the ever-present Zheng Yingying.

The night covered up their actions well. This place was close to the edge of Zone E, where the lights weren’t very bright.

No one spoke, all feeling a little tired.

Forgettable Face and his teammate were at the forefront because only the core members knew the secret base’s location. Of course, Yao Qing also knew.

“He won’t sell us out completely, will he?” The teammate lowered his voice, for fear that what he said might send the whole gang run amok again.

“Let’s just move first. We have so many bases, he won’t have enough time to check one by one. And even if Yao Qing goes to seek refuge with Jin Cheng, Jin Cheng won’t believe him so soon.” After regaining his composure, his IQ had started to come back.

But then, a man behind him suddenly pointed a finger at the front as he took in a long, cold breath: “That, isn’t that Yao Qing?”

“Pop.” As Forgettable Face saw the face under the lights, all the nerves in his head that had been stretched to their tightest suddenly snapped. This place wasn’t far from the new base they were moving to, yet Yao Qing was waiting here. Isn’t he waiting to be beaten to a pulp again?

How outrageous!

“Kill him, don’t let him do anything dangerous! Move now!” As soon as his voice fell, countless attacks flew towards Yao Qing.

It wasn’t just Forgettable Face who felt rage bubbling inside. To Lawless, Yao Qing was a disgraceful traitor. At this moment, how could they still think of everything Yao Qing had done for them? In their eyes, only a green light of betrayal shone brightly in the sky.

“Wait, I am Yao Qing!”

“And you’re the one we want to beat up!” 

In the blink that the two sides erupted into a fight, Yao Qing only had enough time to utter that sentence before he was drowned in lights of all colours, including that of bullets and sword auras. The crowd’s wrath was surging incessantly, nothing able to stop its track.

Unsurprisingly, Yao Qing turned into a flash of light without even being able to produce any effective counterattack. The Lawless member who dealt the final blow also went to jail, but it didn’t matter at all.

The important thing was that this despicable traitor had been sent to jail!

Finally tossing a heavy load off his chest, Forgettable Face said crisply: “Since Yao Qing is heading to jail, no one will know the location of our base for the time being. Let’s move as soon as possible.”

One after another, everyone readily agreed.

Only Zheng Yingying found it strange, for she had clearly seen a trace of bewilderment in Yao Qing’s eyes just now.

Why did a traitor who had run away suddenly stand in their way? What was he surprised about before he died? What could even shock him? The more Zheng Yingying thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong, and the corner of her eye glanced at Miao Qi, who was unconscious and being carried on someone’s back,

An incredulous guess gradually formed in Zheng Yingying’s heart.

No one saw that on the top of a building not far away, someone was laughing.

G10086 Wen Xiaoming threw an empty potion flask into the trash can, clapped his hands and raised his chin slightly, like a little proud peacock.

“You never believe that I’m a genius in potion-making. Hey, I really am a genius.” 

The modified version of the transformation potion lasted one hour, which allowed him to change into any form, from animal to human. He spent this hour deceiving everyone with Yao Qing’s face.

As soon as the real Yao Qing showed up, he was killed by teammates. Now, he was sitting in a cell doubting his whole life.

After a long moment of silence, he slowly spat out: “F**king hell.”

The author has something to say:

Wen Xiaoming: Praise me now.

The Trial Game of Life - Chapter 125
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