The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

Halfway through the climb, the Level-2 aliens who originally didn’t care much about them suddenly went amok and unanimously attacked the armoured vehicle. 

The armoured vehicle began to shake violently. Fu Shiwu’s face turned as white as chalk as he forcefully clutched the handrail next to him. 

“Don’t worry, these aliens only have tentacles. There’s no way they can overturn the vehicle.” Geng Liangguan sneered coldly: “Considering that they have such a major reaction, it seems that we’ve found the right place!” 

Taking a deep breath, Fu Shiwu withdrew his perception from all directions to focus solely on the front. Looking out, he soon found an abnormal target hiding among the wave of Level-2 aliens.

The target had the same double-line outlines as other Level-2 aliens, but in the image in his mind, this alien was constantly sending out ripple-like signals, repeatedly trying to influence the others. 

Fu Shiwu was taken aback as he came to an understanding of how the lower-ranking aliens had to obey its orders. It turned out that the Level-3 alien spread its commands like this! 


The vehicle’s body shook more and more violently. Although the aliens couldn’t overturn the armoured vehicle, one after another, they kept pounding onto it, making it difficult for the vehicle to move forward. 

Geng Liangguan simply stopped the vehicle, directly allowing the special ability soldiers to take action. 

Fu Shiwu watched them with a hint of bewilderment. The soldier sitting diagonally behind him suddenly let out a wrathful roar, and a huge wind was rolled up outside. The wind swirled around, slowly forming a tornado. While it remained unknown as to whether they were dead or alive, the aliens were all whipped away, thrown into mid-air as they kept waving their tentacles around before their whole bodies plummeted to the ground.

“Everyone, check your equipment and weapons. Follow me!” Taking the lead, Geng Liangguan pushed open the top door, propped one arm against it and jumped out at once. One after another, the soldiers also ran out.

Fu Shiwu made a slight move but was held back by Tang Xuhai: “You stay here. Take a rest and recharge your powers. It’s impossible for them to have only one Level-3 alien!”

As Fu Shiwu were hesitating, Tang Xuhai threw off his combat vest and swung out of the armoured vehicle. 

The soldier who stayed behind quickly closed the door and said to Fu Shiwu: “Commander Fu, I’ll protect you, please rest assured.” 

The corner of Fu Shiwu’s mouth twitched a little, but he said nothing. 

He bent over and walked to the control quarter in the front, where there were two bullet-proof glass windows, to look out. 

The lights of the armoured vehicle crossed past the slope and penetrated the dense woods, but their field of vision wasn’t very clear. 

The sky had gone completely dark, but the light red sky veil above them still gave out shimmering rays, making this place that had fallen behind the descent of the sun not entirely pitch-black.

Geng Liangguan and the others were wearing night-vision goggles but had forgotten to prepare one for Tang Xuhai. Needless to say, they actually didn’t expect him to join in the fight.

They thought that this person was Commander Fu’s right-hand man. His responsibility should be to protect the commander, so what did he run out here for? 

“You should head back. None of us would be able to spare our mind to watch over you!” Geng Liangguan gasped furiously. 

“That’s unnecessary!” Tang Xuhai licked his lips, tugging them into a menacing snicker. 

A huge sword was stretched out from his hand that was holding absolutely nothing, and pieces of steel slowly emerged from the areas along his body that weren’t covered by clothes, gradually forming a tightly-fitted battle armour! 

When he left Fu Shiwu and said he had to make preparations, it wasn’t the armoured vehicle that Fu Shiwu thought he stubbornly brought over. He actually ran to the logistics department’s warehouse to absorb lots of heavy metal! 

The combat vest was deliberately taken off inside the armoured vehicle so that he could equip himself with this armour. 

He designed this armour for his own uses, with references taken from to the digital armour he used to wear in the past.

Modern digital battle armour could enhance the fighters’ strength and came with a variety of camouflage functions, as well as state-of-the-art intelligent functions. 

Although his armour wasn’t as advanced as the digital armour, it did have an edge, for it allowed Tang Xuhai to modify it however he liked. 

The steel that stuck around his fingers formed gloves, while sharp thorns poked out from his knuckles and sharp spikes bumped up from his shoulders. Edged cones protruded from his knees and the top of his feet, and his neck was shielded with a flexible gorget also made of steel. As the armour’s helmet settled down with a “clang” sound, the only place that was exposed on Tang Xuhai’s whole body was his razor-sharp eyes. 

Watching a man who wasn’t armed from head to toe turning into a soldier fully covered with heavy armour in the blink of an eye, Geng Liangguan’s eyes widened and he swallowed a lump in his throat.

Who the hell was this?!

Even the current metal-type abilities don’t yield such magical powers, no?! 

Or was this the Huaxia version of Iron Man?!

Tang Xuhai paid no mind to the dumbstruck special squad, made a thunderous roar and rushed into the aliens with his greatsword. 

Those aliens weren’t afraid of the opponent, but the hooks on their outstretched tentacles and their tubes that would usually kill people couldn’t break his defence at all. They could only let out shrill cries as Tang Xuhai cut them off, for any piece of weapon on that armour of his could smoothly take away their lives as soon as they made the slightest move.

Blood splattered everywhere and their limbs flew indiscriminately, accompanied by agonising screams, making the whole scene no different from a killing field in Hell.

Geng Liangguan’s mouth opened and closed, only able to gape with wide eyes as he watched Tang Xuhai do all the killings by himself. 

“Hold up your guns, shoot!!!” Feeling a tad disheartened, Geng Liangguan raised the muzzle and fired frantically at the surrounding aliens that were rushing towards Tang Xuhai. 

Tang Xuhai was too good at collecting their grudge! 

These aliens originally were capable of distinguishing which target was the most threatening before deciding whether they should deal with it first. 

But when he shoved his sword here with such an enormous killing intent, all the Level-2 aliens suddenly flew here to die like moths flocking to a flame.

Geng Liangguan and the others weren’t able to attract the other aliens’ attention at all, so they could only shoot from behind to relieve some of the pressure on Tang Xuhai. 

After a round of killing, fewer and fewer aliens were now standing around the Level-3 alien. Very soon, the Level-3 alien couldn’t hold its calm any further.

As the creature made an ear-splitting shriek, the aliens around it gave way like the sea splitting into two for Moses.

This is way too exaggerated. With his blurred vision, Tang Xuhai wasn’t actually able to distinguish the Level-3 alien, but the movement before his eyes now was like a light showing the way.

With an earth-shattering rumble, he charged towards the creature. The Level-3 alien’s brain made its forehead as round as a peach, which was glimmering faintly under the dim light. 

Its movements were indeed dexterous and nimble, its legs and feet faster than the spring-like legs of the Level-2 aliens. After several moves, Tang Xuhai still couldn’t even scratch its skin.

The creature was undoubtedly clever and cunning, for it was capable of devising a plan to kill its target as soon as they lowered their guard for a second. Unfortunately, facing such tremendous powers, this alien, which possessed combat power comparable to that of the Level-2 aliens, couldn’t gain any upper hand against Tang Xuhai.

Tang Xuhai snorted with a hint of impatience. As he clenched both hands together, the greatsword split into two right when the Level-3 alien was caught off guard. Tang Xuhai turned his waist and lifted his right leg, pulling his long leg out like a whip. As the tip of his blade hit the ground, his other leg stomped heavily against the floor. Drawing an arc in mid-air, he landed a brutal kick at the Level-3 alien’s chest.

“Squeak —” Amidst a painful shriek, blood spurted from the creature’s mouthparts as its whole body was sent flying in the opposite direction.

Even with its brain, there was no way it could figure out how the sword that it was most guarded against suddenly split into two. 

While the Level-3 alien tried to swing its limbs that were flying backwards in mid-air, Tang Xuhai lifted a steel keel sword and threw it with all his might. 

“Sqwelp!” With a dull sound, the blade penetrated the Level-3 alien, slamming it right into the pile of aliens behind with the most fierce force.

“Squeak —” 

The death of the Level-3 alien caused the huge group of Level-2 aliens to shriek in agony before they all dashed towards Tang Xuhai, determined to take down this human even at the cost of their lives.

Geng Liangguan and the others could no longer just stand there. Various types of abilities were summoned, giving rise to intense flames that fervently scorched the forest, powerful winds that keenly cut into the air and razor-sharp rocks that flew in all directions.

Having tasted the battle and seeing that these humans couldn’t be defeated, the Level-2 aliens that lost their leader slowly snapped out of it, came back to their primal nature and made the decision to retreat in the face of difficulties. 

“Hiss —” As if that was a signal, one shriek after another reverberated in the air, and the Level-2 aliens left behind the enormous piles of alien corpses to quickly flee. 

“Huff —” Tang Xuhai gasped hard for breath. 

Soon after, Fu Shiwu stepped over the ground splattered with blood, severed limbs and blood-soaked corpses to head towards Tang Xuhai. 

“Xuhai, did you get hurt?” He asked the other man, who was now sitting on the ground, left with completely no energy to get up.

“I’m good…” Tang Xuhai panted for a while: “Just a little bit worn out.” 

As he put his helmet down, Tang Xuhai’s face was scarily pale. 

Fu Shiwu stared at him with a stern expression for a moment, then went over and tried to lift him up. 

But how could he even budge Tang Xuhai’s steel armour? Albeit a tad startled, Tang Xuhai laughed, and slowly, he let the armour retract into his body. 

Geng Liangguan picked up his sword and handed it to Tang Xuhai: “Brother, you’re too fierce. Like this!”

He gestured a thumbs-up.

Leaning on Fu Shiwu’s arm, Tang Xuhai stood up, proudly raising his chin.

The result of being too fierce is the rapid consumption of powers. Half of the energy-replenishing food that was stored inside the armoured vehicle was later devoured by Tang Xuhai himself. 

Geng Liangguan said with a wry smile: “We completed the mission safely. When we return to Pei City, Deputy Commander Tang can take a good rest.” 

As Tang Xuhai raised his eyes to gaze at Geng Liangguan, Fu Shiwu pushed his glasses up and said: “Who told you that there’s only one Level-3 alien outside the city?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Geng Liangguan looked at them, his face full of doubts. The people who gathered the squad didn’t tell them this. 

Tang Xuhai wiped his mouth and gulped down a mouthful of water, then said: “This group of aliens that tried to besiege Pei City was the merger of several alien communities. Which means, our mission has just begun.” 

Geng Liangguan’s expression changed at once and turned a lot more solemn.

“The crisis in the west of the city has been resolved. Without this Level-3 alien, there won’t be any more pressure on areas E and F,” Fu Shiwu turned to the driving soldier: “Now turn around and head toward the south.” 

Pei City was surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on the remaining side. The gate they came out from was at the south, so now that the Level-3 alien in the west had been eliminated, at least one-third of the enemies had been dealt with. 

Having gained experience before, Fu Shiwu simply followed the retreating Level-1 aliens to the south.

The south was entirely a mountainous area, with high mountains and deep forests, lying in a distance that was much further than the west. 

After a short break, Fu Shiwu continued his search for the second Level-3 alien.

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