The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

After Captain Zou revealed this burden, Tang Xuhai went silent. Fu Shiwu pushed his glasses up and said: “I think I can locate them.”

Tang Xuhai looked at him, his tone drenched in both fear and fury: “Shiwu!”

Remaining very calm, Fu Shiwu looked back at him: “Xuhai, I think you also understand that given this situation, I’m the only one who can find the Level-3 aliens.”

Tang Xuhai was so angry that he let out a cold laugh: “How do you plan to find them? The Level-3 aliens certainly won’t bring themselves to your face.”

Fu Shiwu said, his expression unflinching: “If we continue to passively defend like this, we’ll only end up with the city collapsing. These aren’t the aliens outside Ping Nan Prison, but a siege by hundreds of thousands of aliens. Ammunition may still deal with ordinary aliens, but there are too many Level-2 aliens here! Only by killing the Level-3 leaders that we may have a chance to disperse the Level-2 ones away.”

Fu Shiwu took a deep breath and said coldly: “Therefore, someone must find the Level-3 aliens and eliminate them.”

“I do not agree!” As though realising something, he growled.

Tangled in his emotions, Tang Xuhai panted in desperation. He always knew that Fu Shiwu had a tendency to be overly adamant during critical situations, and often, he wouldn’t care about his own life. Surely this wasn’t the first time he faced danger, but this was different from all their past encounters. This is way too dangerous!

Tang Xuhai would rather have him stand guard on the city wall.

Captain Zou was at a loss, not knowing why Tang Xuhai was so fiercely against the idea.

He cast a hesitant glance at Fu Shiwu and said: “Commander Fu, since you have a way to locate the Level-3 aliens, I’ll report to the headquarters.”

“Absolutely not!” Tang Xuhai roared.

“Tang Xuhai!” Fu Shiwu’s suppressing aura oozed out as his sharp eyes fixed on Tang Xuhai.

Tang Xuhai sternly stared back at him.

Fu Shiwu opened his mouth first: “Did you forget how I was made the commander of this team?”

Tang Xuhai’s expression sunk as he recalled the situation at that time. Apart from the fact that both Wen Zhaoming and Tang Xuhai were unwilling to submit themselves to the other, Fu Shiwu was pushed to be the leader because of his image and aura that could win over people.

In addition, during the critical moment, Fu Shiwu never had to be told to make a decision that was most beneficial for everyone, even if this decision would, at times, put himself in jeopardy.

Tang Xuhai and Wen Zhaoming greatly admired that part of him, so they pushed him to the leader position without a single complaint.

But this time, by hook or by crook, Tang Xuhai must not let Fu Shiwu take such a chance. It wasn’t that Tang Xuhai himself hadn’t been through such deadly missions himself, or that that he hadn’t seen his comrades-in-arms sacrifice, but as soon as the thought of Fu Shiwu diving headfirst into peril crossed his mind, he simply couldn’t accept it.

Tang Xuhai huffed and gasped very hard for air, continuing to stare at Fu Shiwu as his face paled dangerously.

“I’ll come with you!” As an idea came to him, he said: “Besides, we need to pick the right men from Pei City to form an elite special squad!”

“A special squad?!” Captain Zou was so stunned his eyes were about to pop out.

What was the concept of ‘special squad’? They were a team of people who were willing to carry out special tasks at the cost of their own lives.

“Why do you want to form a special squad?” Captain Zou was puzzled: “As long as you locate the aliens, it’s enough. You don’t to make any moves by yourselves, the army will be responsible for wiping out the Level-3 aliens.”

Tang Xuhai blew up with rage as he explained: “Shiwu will use his ability to locate them! Currently, the range of his ability is only more than 1000 meters. If he could spot the Level-3 aliens from beyond 1000 meters, he would’ve already told you! We must go deep into the aliens. So if you aren’t prepared that you will die, don’t even think about finding those creatures.”

Shaken to the core, Captain Zou glanced at Shiwu’s indifferent face. No wonder Tang Xuhai opposed the idea so badly. It turned out that they had to penetrate deep into the alien wave. That was terribly dangerous — there were barely any chances that they might come back alive.

He solemnly said to Fu Shiwu: “Commander Fu, are you sure you want to find the Level-3 aliens by yourself?”

Fu Shiwu had been staring Tang Xuhai in a trance — of course, his expression didn’t reveal anything. Tang Xuhai getting so angry over the decision was totally out of his expectation. But, it made him feel the warmth of being cared about.

Fu Shiwu finally spoke, but it wasn’t to answer Captain Zou’s question: “Xuhai, actually, you don’t need to come with me. It’s dangerous.”

Tang Xuhai sneered icily: “Do you think I’ve been through less danger than you? Do not look down on me! You have the guts to head out there, sure, but don’t even think that you can stop me.”

Fu Shiwu choked and had to close his mouth.

Observing the atmosphere, Captain Zou could only patiently ask again.

Only then did Fu Shiwu turn to him and say: “I definitely have to. If we don’t locate the Level-3 aliens, only death awaits us.”

Unlike their usual behaviour, these aliens still remained active at night, while the cannon fodders during the day had consumed most of Pei City’s strength. The Level-3 aliens waited until this point to gather the Level-2 aliens to ambush the city. The situation was getting less and less favourable for Pei City.

The plan proposed by the Dragonbone Corps made the Pei City military headquarters feel like they might be able to grasp the last straw.

In addition to the few major types of abilities that had been discovered so far, there were also a variety of unusual types, so no one felt odd when Fu Shiwu proposed to use his ability to find the aliens.

Very soon, the army mobilised a special squad composed of their elite soldiers, ready to complete this mission where the probability of death was almost absolute.

Tang Xuhai sat in front of the city gate with a distressed expression, thrusting the steel keel sword into the ground.

Watching his large figure just curling up in a corner like a huge aggrieving dog, strangely, Fu Shiwu felt his heart tug ever so lightly while a sort of aching sentiment rippled inside him.

Rubbing his soles, he walked behind Tang Xuhai and said in a low voice: “I’m sorry…”

Tang Xuhai turned around and glared daggers at him: “What are you apologising for?!”

With a hint of embarrassment, Fu Shiwu stroked his nose: “It’s all because of my stubbornness. I even dragged you into the water with me.”

Tang Xuhai let out a snicker: “If I don’t want to, who can force me?” Then he continued with a grave expression: “Actually, Shiwu, you’re not in the wrong. I admire your courage. But, to be honest, if it’s not because you have to be there in person, I think it would be nice if I can replace you. After all, you still have too little experience, and the risk waiting for us is far too big.”

Fu Shiwu looked at him with dead serious eyes: “Xuhai, you’re thinking too much. As long as the aliens are here, it’ll only get more and more dangerous. I can’t always hide in a safe place.”

Tang Xuhai clearly also knew this. He bowed his head in annoyance, a grumpy thought crushing his mind: But you, you’re too devoted to this that it’s frightening.

After a moment of dejection, Tang Xuhai lifted his head, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

He stood up and said: “I have to go to the logistics department. I need to make some more preparations.”

And assertively, he took his leave.

Tongue-tied, Fu Shiwu gazed at his back, wondering to himself what else might Tang Xuhai have to prepare?

Only when a bullet-proof armoured vehicle drove up to him did Fu Shiwu become completely dumbfounded.

The front of this armoured vehicle was slightly flat and equipped with two small windows, while the back was large and square-shaped, with eight huge tires and several small gun barrels on the top to load ammunition. The whole thing looked incredibly mighty.

Tang Xuhai opened the top door and brazenly waved at Fu Shiwu: “Get in!”

Fu Shiwu climbed up and entered the vehicle from the top cover.

There wasn’t much space inside, and except for the observation position, one must bend his waist in order to fit in.

Directly in front was the control quarter with instrument panels and electronic consoles that Fu Shiwu didn’t fully understand, while the cubic space behind was more cramped, with seven or eight people already sitting there.

At this point, one of them stood up and gave him a military salute.

“Commander! I’m Geng Liangguan, leader of the special squad, hereby reporting to you!”

Fu Shiwu’s face tightened and blood started to rush up there. He stood stiff on the spot, not knowing what to say.

“Cough~ Our commander isn’t good at talking, so you can just call him Commander Fu.” Tang Xuhai came to Fu Shiwu’s rescue.

“Yes, sir!” Geng Liangguan responded with a loud, crisp voice.

Tang Xuhai stroked Fu Shiwu’s back and introduced him: “These are the best soldiers selected from the army stationed at H Province’s Military District. They’ll embark on this mission with us.”

Feeling the heat of Tang Xuhai’s palm, slowly, Fu Shiwu managed to loosen up. With an upright- yet cold-looking expression, he said: “It’s my honour to take on this mission with you.”

Tang Xuhai went on to say: “They’re all Level-3 special ability users selected from different platoons. I believe that with their assistance, we can definitely kill all the Level-3 aliens and resolve Pei City’s crisis!”

Geng Liangguan said again in an equally loud voice: “We’re determined to complete the mission and vow to protect Pei City with our lives!”

The thunderous voice of a professional soldier that had undergone ample training almost made Fu Shiwu feel like his ears were going to burst.

Geng Liangguan continued: “Commander Fu, your critical task is to search for the location of the Level-3 aliens, while our task is to kill them. We’re all Level-3 special ability users, so please rest assured that we’ll definitely keep you safe.”

In name, these soldiers were meant to be under Fu Shiwu’s command, but of course, they wouldn’t simply obey that arrangement. Fu Shiwu was but an ordinary man. Although they truly looked up to Fu Shiwu’s willingness to penetrate into the alien wave, this didn’t mean that they could accept the blind commands of a layman outside their profession.

As an ex-soldier, Tang Xuhai obviously knew these issues, but given the urgency, he didn’t have the leisure time to compete with them for commanding rights.

Tang Xuhai’s gaze sank, only hoping that this Geng Liangguan wasn’t as dense as a wooden stick. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.

Fu Shiwu really wasn’t aware of Geng Liangguan’s intention, and neither did he actually think that he would be able to command these professional soldiers. He was very clear of his position, that was, to be responsible for finding the Level-3 aliens.

Of course, about being kept safe and whatnot, who knew what might happen?

Fu Shiwu stroked the guns on his waist.

He carried four guns with him; apart from the new guns given by Captain Zou, there were also the two guns he used yesterday. In order to carry enough bullets, he deliberately wore a tactical vest filled to the brim with magazines.

On the other hand, even though Tang Xuhai didn’t use a gun, he also kept some magazines in his tactical vest for Fu Shiwu.

This time, they wouldn’t have to fear that there weren’t enough bullets!

As the city gate slowly opened, with the soldiers relentlessly throwing grenades while some others shooting with flamethrowers on their shoulders, amidst the turbulent explosions, the armoured vehicle dashed out.

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neona claire
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