The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

After filling in the forms, the group moved to the second floor. This time, the blood sample required from them wasn’t just a tiny puncture on the fingertip but a small tube.

Finishing the procedure, Fu Shiwu looked at the empty building and said with some hesitance: “Shall we wait here?” 

“Let’s take a walk around the institute.” Wen Zhaoming said.

Since it was boring to just wait, the group resorted to making rounds in the buildings within the institute’s campus. Beside Biology and Medical Science, the Institute of Science also housed the usual departments of Physics, Chemistry and others, but these occupied a relatively smaller area compared to the Special Ability Life Forms department

“Xuhai, look.” Fu Shiwu suddenly discovered something and pulled Tang Xuhai’s arm, signalling him to look over.

Tang Xuhai followed his gaze and saw only a huge piece of weapon assembled in the Weaponry department.

But this weapon wasn’t made of metal, rather, it was glowing with dazzling light, looking like crystal.

“Is this a cannon?” Confused, Fu Shiwu asked Tang Xuhai.

Tang Xuhai’s expression was solemn, his heart thudding a little, as if he totally understood why this place had such a thing.

“I think this kind of metal-free artillery is made to prevent people with metal-type abilities.” Tang Xuhai said.

Fu Shiwu pondered for a moment and came to a bit of realisation.

When they faced that metal-type ability user Feng Zhuoming, all the guns in their hands were turned into scraps, and they were even badly restrained by the opponent.

So many metal-type ability users existed out there. Now that Fu Shiwu’s team had faced that kind of situation, there was indeed a need to make certain modifications to their weapons’ materials.

“If this material is available for everyone’s use, I would also like my pistol to change into this.” Fu Shiwu gazed at the weapon with a hint of envy.

“Rest assured, I definitely will think of a way to get one for you.” Tang Xuhai’s eyes were firm. He didn’t simply just think of that decision; it was a must-do.

If it was merely to deal with aliens, there was no need to waste so much effort to study this special material weapon. But even with Fu Shiwu not elaborating any further, Tang Xuhai could also figure that he was gravely upset when the weapon in his own hands became subjected to the enemy’s control.

Many research departments in the Institute of Science were now open, and fundamentally, there wasn’t much they would want to keep confidential from the public. Perhaps because of the special nature of the current times, any approach that could promote the development of science would be gladly accepted.

Turning to an exhibition in the front, Wen Zhaoming, Miao Jia and Liu Peiqi carefully skimmed through various research reports on aliens.

There were articles, photos and even shots of battle scenes that people must’ve risked their lives to capture.

“Truly remarkable.” Miao Jia exclaimed.

The aliens in these battles all looked incredibly fierce, with hooks lying idle on their tentacles, the sight of which was enough to send chills down one’s spine, while the big and small jaws in their mouthparts flew upwards and a tube poked out, vividly exposing these creatures’ ferocity.

Miao Jia didn’t dare to imagine that these photos were taken at such proximity. Certainly, the effort must’ve been made on the brink of life and death.

“Yes, it’s really remarkable.” Wen Zhaoming also let out a sigh. The photographers or war reporters behind these risked their lives to obtain these images and provide tremendous help to humanity that still survived till this day.

Unlike those who liked to take a snap for the sake of popularity, these people dared to capture the photos at such a close distance under the terrifying situation at present. That truly required some guts.

The items displayed in the Institute of Science were exceptionally novel, and two hours passed by quickly. With Tang Xuhai’s reminder, the group once again walked towards the Special Ability Life Forms department.

Back at the department, they directly gathered around the result counter and took their report.

Fu Shiwu held the report with both hands, and the vague results on this piece of paper made his heart almost miss a beat.

“Oh?” Tang Xuhai made a startled sound, which made Fu Shiwu turn to look at him with concern.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Shiwu stopped by Tang Xuhai’s side, leaned onto him and read the report in his hand.

Tang Xuhai’s age, race, and ability attributes were all printed at the top, and apart from the ability level that he wanted to test for, the results below contained lots of things he didn’t expect.

“The percentage of heterogeneous molecules in the body is 4.7%, the proportion of heterogeneous cells occupies 0.38%, and the metal-type ability with Mutated classification is at level 3…” Fu Shiwu muttered in a low voice, then he couldn’t help but wonder: “Lineage… one-eighth Eastern European?”

Fu Shiwu looked up at Tang Xuhai, utterly taken aback: “You have an Eastern European ancestor?”

“Well, my grandma is Russian.” Tang Xuhai said, feeling equally surprised: “The test can even figure that out.”

Fu Shiwu suddenly came to a realisation. No wonder Tang Xuhai’s facial features were very sculpted, and his eye sockets were also a tad deeper than usual. It turned out that he had foreign ancestry.

Wen Zhaoming shook the report in his hand: “Why? Your race shows that you have a foreign ancestry?”

Wen Zhaoming’s report appeared to be much more normal. His percentage of heterogeneous molecules was similar to that of Tang Xuhai, and so was the proportion of heterogeneous cells, but his ability was indicated as fire-type ability with Pure classification.

Meanwhile, Miao Jia stared at his report without moving an inch.

Wen Zhaoming couldn’t help asking: “Is there any difference with yours? Let me see.”

Miao Jia dumbly raised his head, letting out a simple “oh”, then handed the report to Wen Zhaoming.

“Are you okay?” Wen Zhaoming asked worriedly, and Fu Shiwu and Tang Xuhai also walked over.

Rather reluctantly, Miao Jia grinned: “It’s okay, but I was an orphan and never got to know my origin, so I was amazed to see that half of my lineage is from an ethnic minority.”

Wen Zhaoming lowered his head and looked in. Indeed, the lineage indicated that Miao Jia had a lineage of one-half ethnic minority.

Fu Shiwu wasn’t quite sure how he should show sympathy; he could only reach out and lightly rub Miao Jia’s head.

“I’m okay, Fu ge, let me see yours.” The corner of Miao Jia’s mouth twitched as he pulled the report in Fu Shiwu’s hand.

“Wait a second!” Fu Shiwu couldn’t help calling.

“Why is it like this?! Fu ge!” Miao Jia exclaimed all of a sudden.

Because Miao Jia was an ordinary person, although the heterogeneous molecule percentage in his body exceeded 3%, the report only indicated a heterogeneous cell proportion of less than 0.1%. As they viewed everyone’s reports, the proportion of all those with abilities was always more than 0.2%. Tang Xuhai’s was the highest and Liu Peiqi’s was the lowest.

However, what had others stunned was that Fu Shiwu’s heterogeneous cell proportion turned out to be zero!

A series of question marks also stood next to his ability attribute, displaying no result at all.

Fu Shiwu was also at a loss. He shook his head and said: “I have no idea why it’s like this. I’ve always thought it isn’t a type of special ability, since your abilities were all awakened after a fever, but my strange ‘ability’ wasn’t.”

Miao Jia looked at Fu Shiwu in sheer disbelief. Fu ge was always so strong, with such a powerful ability. How could Fu ge be just an ordinary person like him, even worse, Fu ge now seemed even more normal than him?

“Shiwu…” Looking at Fu Shiwu being caught in such confusion, Tang Xuhai didn’t feel good at all. He hooked his arm over and hugged Fu Shiwu’s shoulders: “Everything’s okay, maybe this diagnosis is inaccurate after all. You must be a special ability user too, definitely…”

“Who said our diagnosis is inaccurate?!” A cold voice resounded.

Tang Xuhai looked up and saw a man in a white coat standing in front and staring at him with displeased eyes.

“Who are you?” Miao Jia asked the stranger who had so bluntly jumped at their throat.

“Doctor Zuo?” At a glance, Fu Shiwu recognised that this was the person who presented the report in the lecture hall this morning.

“You came just at the right time. This lousy test of yours isn’t correct at all!” Tang Xuhai grabbed Fu Shiwu’s report and stuffed it under Dr. Zuo’s nose.

Dr. Zuo pulled the report and looked down.

With a neat swish, he lifted his head and spoke with a tone tinged with incredulity: “Fu Shiwu is here? Which of you is Fu Shiwu?”

Puzzled by his suspicious attitude, the others couldn’t help but turn to look at Fu Shiwu.

“Is that you?!” Dr. Zuo suddenly got excited and looked at Fu Shiwu with fiery eyes. He walked two steps over, gazing intently at Fu Shiwu while speaking with a trembling voice: “You are Fu Shiwu. Did you know that you’ve caused a commotion in our Special Ability Life Forms department? I came down to find you, luckily you haven’t left!” 

Dr. Zuo stretched out his hand, seemingly wanting to touch Fu Shiwu’s face. The hell-bent gaze he gave Fu Shiwu made Tang Xuhai seriously uncomfortable, so he grimly slapped Dr. Zuo’s hand right away.

“What are you doing?!” Tang Xuhai said angrily.

A raging shade of red cast over Dr. Zuo’s face. He glared at Tang Xuhai and raised his chin: “Get out! You fool! Don’t dirty the last pure human with your hands.”

“Huh?!” Miao Jia had to blink a few times upon hearing such exaggerated, dramatic words from Dr. Zuo’s lips.

“What a lunatic!” Tang Xuhai raised both eyebrows and snapped at Dr. Zuo without holding back: “Did you escape from a mental hospital, what nonsense are you spewing?”

Who’s a fool again?!

Dr. Zuo’s arrogant attitude truly had annoyed this man who was once a soldier.

“I’m talking about you. Look at you, all brawn and no brain, your IQ should be negative. I’m telling you, get away from him!” Dr. Zuo wasn’t scared of Tang Xuhai’s terrifying aura in the slightest; on the contrary, he even confronted Tang Xuhai upfront.

Tang Xuhai hated people who looked down on him just because of their academic qualifications, and that he was all brawn and no brain! Both crimes had been committed by this guy who was certainly wanting to court death. Tang Xuhai’s veins conspicuously bulged up, himself almost on the verge of wanting to run over to beat the man up!

“Xiao Z? What are you doing?” At this point, another person in a white coat turned up.

As though receiving reinforcements, Dr. Zuo said in the direction of that man: “Ouyang, help me clean him up.”

The person called Ouyang didn’t appear as agitated as Dr. Zuo was, nor did he step up to stir Dr. Zuo any further: “You calm down first, acting so rashly is not your style. What’s the matter?”

“He is Fu Shiwu, the person I told you about just now.” Dr. Zuo jumped and pointed at Fu Shiwu: “Help me get him!”

“That’s a person, not an object!” Ouyang slapped his forehead helplessly and asked the people at the back to hold Dr. Zuo, then said to Fu Shiwu: “I apologise, he was just a little too excited because of a groundbreaking discovery we made earlier.”

To his surprise, Fu Shiwu responded with a firm tone: “No matter what he discovers, he can’t treat my friend so rudely. I’m very upset when he speaks to my friend in such manners.”

Ouyang and Dr. Zuo were both stunned, especially Dr. Zuo, who was almost at a loss of what to do next.

“Don’t be angry, I shouldn’t talk about him like that.” Dr. Zuo still seemed rather unwilling, but he put on a kind expression towards Fu Shiwu, as though trying to coax him: “I’ll apologise to him.” Then turning to Tang Xuhai, he said awkwardly: “I’m sorry, that was bad manners of me earlier.”

Only then did Fu Shiwu’s hardened expression ease a little.

Tang Xuhai looked at Fu Shiwu with a hint of astonishment, feeling his heart not only thumping ever so lightly but also a little touched.

At this point, Wen Zhaoming said very calmly: “Why did you say that about Fu Shiwu, can you tell us in detail?”

Glancing at the passers-by whose curiosity had been piqued due to the small commotion on this side, Ouyang said: “It isn’t convenient to talk here. Let’s go to another place.”

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Last pure human! What an interesting perspective for an apocalypse-type setting. I would think Fu Shiwu wouldn’t be the only ‘pure human’ though. Surely a few others like him survived?

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