The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

As Tang Xuhai and Captain Xing’s moods became heavier, the sky lit up and the expression on both their faces immediately turned even more serious.

“This is bad!” Captain Xing looked up at the red veil overcasting the entire sky: “It’s going to rain!”

Tang Xuhai angrily bit on his jaw and threw a bitter fist on the wall.

Even the gods weren’t helping them!

Since the red veil started floating on the sky every night, people had never seen stars again.

With training and experience, people could infer whether it would be rainy or sunny by looking at the cloud conditions at night. But right now, it was challenging to observe the distribution of clouds, and even Tang Xuhai, one who had gone through such strict training, couldn’t tell them apart.

Summer had always been a season with lots of rain. From time to time, there would be sudden heavy rains, lightnings and thunders. The most recent rain in Yun City was in the evening, which lasted over the next hour or two. But today, the rain was going to come at dawn.

Tang Xuhai’s sharp eyebrows furrowed as he cast a loathsome gaze into the night.


A drop of water landed on his cheek. As he raised one hand to wipe it away, a wave of raindrops rushed down from the sky.

“Ability users squad! Special operations team! Stay vigilant!!!” The head of the army shouted at full volume.

“Xiao Tang, if there are more evolved aliens, we’d have to rely on you!” Captain Xing looked intensely at Tang Xuhai and said solemnly.

“I understand!” Tang Xuhai replied firmly, totally clear about the situation they were in now.

Captain Xing nodded in relief, turned around and strode into the rain curtain that was growing heavier and heavier. He needed to command the special operations team.

Tang Xuhai took a deep breath, the smell of moist soil reeked with a sense of death overflowing his mouth and lungs.

Holding the duo swords in his hands, Tang Xuhai ran slowly to the front of the fortification in the rain, made a few jumps on the sandbags and landed smoothly on the roof of the guard station.

At this moment, Fu Shiwu and Wen Zhaoming were also caught off guard by the sudden rain. The place they were standing wasn’t sheltered.

“It’s raining!” Fu Shiwu raised one hand to catch the raindrops. Lowering his head, he looked at Wen Zhaoming, who was sitting by his side with a calm expression, and said worriedly: “What should we do? Do you want to move somewhere to avoid the rain? Why don’t we go under the warehouse’s eaves? Although it’s a bit brighter than here, it isn’t much worse.”

Wen Zhaoming said quietly: “It’s not necessary, just stay here. If it rains, the alien’s vision will be affected, which is even more favourable for us.”

Because the two battlefields were in different positions, the effect of the rain wouldn’t be the same.

Tang Xuhai and the others were in a bright zone while the evolved aliens hid in the dark. Here on Fu Shiwu’s side, it was the exact opposite.

What Fu Shiwu was worried about wasn’t this. He hesitated for a while and decided to still say it directly: “I just think that you body can’t make it. Sleeping on the ground for one night could send you into a bad cold. Now it’s raining, you’ll definitely get sick. If you’re going down anyway, we might as well move somewhere now! Why do you have to insist on staying here?”

Fu Shiwu wasn’t one who knew how to talk with flowery language that could please people’s ears. He was simply worried about Wen Zhaoming’s body, and if he couldn’t say anything to comfort Wen Zhaoming, he could only go straight to the point, poking right into the aspect that he was concerned about.

Wen Zhaoming was incredibly surprised and his eyes stayed fixed on Fu Shiwu. Although both Fu Shiwu’s expression and voice were equally stiff, he could clearly feel the hint of worry.

This had him truly amazed!

Wen Zhaoming had long realised that something didn’t seem quite usual with Fu Shiwu, which was probably due to a certain ability that he possessed or the influence that his aura made on other people. But even if he managed to pin down the root cause, Wen Zhaoming couldn’t quite get rid of the deep impression that Fu Shiwu gave him at the beginning.

This impression had him reflexively feel fear when Fu Shiwu carried that stern expression and that suppressing aura. Ironically, when Fu Shiwu used such direct words to talk about his physical limitation, something that Wen Zhaoming was extremely conscious about, all he could feel was sincere concern.

It made him feel frightened, but also very heartwarming at the same time.

These two completely different emotions really had Wen Zhaoming wonder what should be the right reaction to this situation.

Wen Zhaoming put on a slightly unsettled expression and said calmly: “Don’t worry, have you forgotten that I’m a fire ability user? I can slightly raise my own body temperature to ensure that I won’t catch a cold.”

Fu Shiwu breathed a sigh of relief, then he felt embarrassed about how he said it too bluntly just now. He stooped his shoulders and stealthily glanced at Wen Zhaoming’s expression, wondering if Wen Zhaoming was upset.

Fu Shiwu got caught in some thoughts, should I apologise?

At this time, Wen Zhaoming raised his head, letting the rain drip over his face.

Then he said to Fu Shiwu: “If the aliens’ evolution is unstoppable, we’ll face many dangers in the future. Things will get more difficult than now. It won’t be the environment that adapts to us; we have to adapt to the environment. What we have to do is not to avoid dangers, but to face them head-on. Only then we might have a possibility of victory.”

Fu Shiwu also felt the same and nodded with his heart full of unspoken sorrow. Back then, did he ever get out of the house without an umbrella?! But now he wouldn’t have the leisure time to find an umbrella to cover them. He somehow thought of those wild animals on the African savannah, whose whole bodies were always completely exposed to the rain.

“It feels as though we’ve returned to pre-civilisation.” Fu Shiwu sighed.

Wen Zhaoming and Fu Shiwu went silent after they had finished talking, and together they quietly watched the dark night that seemed to grow increasingly more mysterious as time passed by.

The atmosphere on Tang Xuhai’s side was much tenser than where the two of them were standing. Because of the rain blocking their field of vision, the distance at which they could see was greatly shortened. The aliens that could slip through the fire net rushed to the front line made up of the special operations team. One after another, the special ability users also joined the battle.

These ability users had all been carefully selected from those that displayed outstanding capabilities on the defence line. But now that they had directly stepped up to showcase each of their abilities, the scene before everyone’s eyes suddenly felt magnificent, like that from a science fiction blockbuster.

Waves of fireballs, vortexes and metal blades shot out, assisted by numerous razor-sharp stalagmites protruding from the ground, and the most conspicuous strike was the glaring lightnings that emerged amid the deafening sound of thunders.

The night’s rainstorm was actually a blessing to electricity ability users, enabling them to even double their power.

For a moment, the alien attack at the gate was actually suppressed.

As people breathed a sigh of relief, a ghostly figure flashed across the night.

“Bring it on!!!” Tang Xuhai yelled at the top of his lungs as he flew down from the roof. He ran into the distance, each footstep of his wildly splashing the rainwater below.

“What?” “Where?” “Why can’t I see anything?! Is he seeing things correctly?!”

Tang Xuhai’s sudden move had the ability users squad truly astounded. These people had never seen any evolved alien. For the past few days, they had been having an easy time killing the aliens with their abilities, after which they started to become rather complacent and full of themselves.

When the army were searching for ability users to join the force, they described the aliens to be extremely terrifying creatures, but these ability users mainly carried a contemptuous attitude, refusing to believe in the severity of the situation. The mutant soldiers must seek the help of ability users because they themselves couldn’t always smoothly handle the alien attacks. If the operations were handed over to the ability users, things would naturally become a lot better.

More than a few ability users in the squad definitely had such a thought.

These people were dubious about Tang Xuhai’s warnings, and half of them even felt that the man was too sensitive and might have an illusion.

But soon, their nonsense speculations were beaten to a pulp.

Under the rain, two more figures were rapidly rushing towards them!

The two figures moved with incredibly fast speed. If it weren’t for the rain curtain being visibly scattered under the impact, their naked eyes wouldn’t be able to catch these figures of the aiens at all.

“Fire!!!” Captain Xing roared loudly.

While the other fighters were busy being doubtful about Tang Xuhai’s actions, the members of the special operations team didn’t let their vigilance down, for they all had personally encountered an evolved alien!

A mutant soldier retreated to avoid the bullets of a soldier who were shooting hastily. He threw himself in front of the heavy machine gun, pulled the trigger and three chains of fires were shot from the muzzle, its bullets flying into the rain at lightning speed.

“Fire! What are you all zoning out for? Do you want to die?!” The commander yelled angrily.

But it was difficult to blame these soldiers for being hesitant, since their ammunition reserves had reached a critically low point, and no one was willing to shoot blindly when the target was almost invisible. That would be such a waste of bullets!

“Ability users! Attack! Attack with all you have!!!” The commander screamed. After being treated so politely all this while, this was the first time the ability users received such a crude command: “Use all your strength. If you dare to be lazy, I’ll personally kill you!!!” 

The ability users felt their nerves stretched to the extreme and swallowed hard. They relentlessly sent various powers flying into the field, as though different types of abilities were competing in a beauty contest. Even the wicked darkness in the distance was illuminated for a moment.

“F**k!” A fire-type ability user tensed up as he saw a splash of water from the rain rushing forward, and his fire chain shined upon an alien that was moving extremely fast. Before anyone could even react, the creature directly struck down one of them!

“Ahhhh!!!” A high-pitched shriek pierced through the air.

“Shut the f**k up!!!” Another ability user slapped his hand over the mouth of the person who made the loud noise.

Look at the f**king situation! What good will it do to stress everyone up?

An electricity ability user reacted quickly. With no regard for the safety of his fallen teammate, he directly called upon a bolt of lightning right on top of the fallen man’s body.

But it was still too late. After biting deeply into the man it had struck down just now, the alien bounced away with its two spring legs and rushed towards another person.

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