The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101

The alien’s primal instinct of eradicating the most intimidating target allowed it to gain the upper hand. This Level-3 alien was rushing around anxiously, but its hesitance against Tang Xuhai granted Fu Shiwu a chance to attack.

With his perception turned on, the white figure kept emitting vibrating images that rippled out like waves. Up to now, Fu Shiwu had never been able to understand how the Level-3 alien did all that, but it made the creature become a visible source of signals inside his mind.

Taking a bold step, Fu Shiwu tried to shrink the range of his perception and focused all his attention on this alien.

The Level-3 alien was showing a peculiar trajectory of movements in the image, and Fu Shiwu felt rather uncertain.

Wordlessly, he became intently alert, and the speed at which he fired also slowed down.

The Level-3 alien simply never stayed in any place for more than a second, and only now was Fu Shiwu able to observe its movement.

After waiting for a while, Fu Shiwu finally found an opportunity!

The spot he was determined to fire at was immediately occupied by the alien that had been fiercely swept away by Tang Xuhai. The Level-3 alien had no way to come to a halt halfway, and in that very instant, Fu Shiwu fired.

“Crunch!” As a brittle, crisp note echoed and before the alien could even let out a sound, it lost its life under Fu Shiwu’s bullet.

“Huff —” Fu Shiwu was finally able to loosen his extreme tense heart, but because of the intense concentration of powers, the scene before his eyes was turning a tad darker.

He put his pistol back into the holster and rubbed his forehead that was throbbing with pain.

Today, he had constantly been using his perception ability, and even though he got some rest in the middle, waves of headaches and dizziness kept assaulting his head.

“Did you kill the Level-3 alien just now?” Utterly shocked, Geng Liangguan asked.


Fu Shiwu shut his eyes close with discomfort and forcefully pressed his forehead. Seeing that his face was very pale, Geng Liangguan didn’t talk any further and directly asked him to return to the armoured vehicle to rest and leave everything else to them.

In any case, the Level-3 alien was dead. They only had to scare these Level-2 aliens off by killing a few, and they would naturally disperse.

“Hiss!!!” A shrill cry pierced the air and a lightning-fast figure ran down from the mountain peak, heading straight for Fu Shiwu.

“Shiwu!!!” Tang Xuhai roared in fear, and lifting the greatsword in his hand as though it was a shield, he threw it in the direction of Fu Shiwu!

Fu Shiwu raised his head in a daze, and with a sharp “swoosh”, a tube brushed past his temple.

“Get out of the way!!!” Right at this critical juncture, Geng Liangguan pushed Fu Shiwu out with a frightening speed.

While Fu Shiwu’s mind was completely blank, everything happened in a blink of an eye. There was no way to react at all and he fell heavily against the ground. He felt a sharp, excruciating pain in his arm, for the wound had burst open again. 

The white shadow put one foot on Tang Xuhai’s greatsword, and with an ear-splitting scream, it swiftly turned around and charged towards Fu Shiwu again.

Since the whole thing happened way too fast, the other soldiers had absolutely no time to reach out to help.

As Fu Shiwu lay there, the feeling of an imminent, deadly danger forced his perception to turn on again.

One, two, three!!!

Three Level-3 aliens appeared in the image inside his perception!

Fu Shiwu’s pupils shrink in horror, how?!!

“Get up!” Geng Liangguan grumbled. Tang Xuhai was no more than ten meters away from them, but this distance felt as far away as that between two ends of the world.

Fu Shiwu’s heart was pounding like mad and his adrenaline poured out frantically. Without even looking up, he directly rolled away from the spot, strugglingly dodging the attack of the Level-3 aliens’ barbed tentacles.

Why were these Level-3 aliens gathering together? This was incredulous.

Fu Shiwu broke out in a cold sweat. The Level-3 alien behind him was dead set on not letting him go, essentially keeping Fu Shiwu from turning around and putting up a counter-attack.

Before him were countless Level-2 aliens, and behind him was a Level-3 alien in close pursuit. Fu Shiwu fervently wished that he were Wen Zhaoming and could just directly blow everything up.

Like a miniature Big Bang, Fu Shiwu erupted. Regardless of whether his movements looked clumsy, awkward or ugly, he could only rely on the slow-motion image in his perception to kick away a Level-2 alien to open an escape path for himself.

Tang Xuhai’s heart was completely flooded with fury. He had thrown the greatsword in his hand to act as a shield for Fu Shiwu, but while he bolted towards Fu Shiwu, another greatsword emerged from the palm of his hand.

Tang Xuhai stomped on the ground, forming on a deep pit in the mud. As he opened both hands, the greatsword slashed towards a Level-3 alien that had made a sudden appearance with a menacing speed.

The Level-3 alien neatly reserved its body and dexterously avoided Tang Xuhai’s greatsword.

Though the creature was still fearful of Tang Xuhai, it persistently saw Fu Shiwu as the target of its attack.

“There are still other Level-3 aliens on the mountain!” Fu Shiwu drew a gun and directly fired without even looking.

As the force of recoil came back at him, his wrists felt a tad sore. Once blue sparks started bursting out of the muzzle, he pulled a new gun.

Geng Liangguan realised that something was wrong. According to the aliens’ usual manner of sieging, they should scatter around, but how come they were all gathering together at present?

Fu Shiwu’s thoughts flashed extremely quickly. The oscillating ripples that the Level-3 aliens constantly emitted now suddenly dawned on him.

It seemed that through these vibrating waves, the Level-3 aliens could respond and cooperate with each other in order to advance and retreat at the same time.

Since Fu Shiwu and the others didn’t know this earlier, as soon as they killed one Level-3 alien, it sounded an alarm for the others.

The armoured vehicle advanced slowly, but the aliens moved remarkably fast. Due to their lacking awareness of the real circumstance, they had unknowingly rammed into the very place where all the aliens assembled.

The other two Level-3 aliens rapidly descended from the top of the mountain and directly launched an attack on the special squad.

Very soon, the group of ability users who had neither Tang Xuhai’s battle armour nor Fu Shiwu’s radar-like scanning started to suffer heavy casualties.

“How come there are so many Level-3 aliens?!” Geng Liangguan asked in desperation.

With the arrival of these three aliens, the Level-2 aliens from both the South and East sides were all rushing in this direction.

Fu Shiwu wasn’t spared any time to change the magazine, so he had to drop the pistol and draw the other energy bullet gun.

“Bang bang bang!!!” Without blinking, Fu Shiwu fired at the Level-3 alien.

“Hiss!!!” The creature shrieked fiercely and nimbly ducked Fu Shiwu’s shot.

Fu Shiwu’s face went pale and he said with a tense voice: “We killed the Level-3 alien in the west and these aliens are all connected, that’s why they’re coming here together!”

A gleam of light flashed in Geng Liangguan’s eyes: “You mean all the Level-3 aliens that are trying to siege Pei City have gathered here?!”

Fu Shiwu pursed his lips: “That should be the case.”

Geng Liangguan briefly glanced at his team, of which more than half of the members had died, while the rest were either on the verge of dying or gravely wounded.

Geng Liangguan reached out to grab the walkie-talkie he carried with him and roared loudly: “Fire here!!” 

The armoured vehicle’s driver was shaken to the core: “Captain!”

“Don’t waste any words, hurry up and fire!” Geng Liangguan’s expression was grim: “Don’t let us die in vain!”

Even though they would certainly perish here, all the Level-3 aliens outside Pei City would be wiped out and they would at least complete the mission.

Fu Shiwu’s heart pounded heavily in his chest as he gaped at Geng Liangguan in sheer disbelief.

Geng Liangguan wore an apologetic expression, but that same face revealed an even stronger hint of resolution.

The armoured vehicle’s launcher turned, and after a few seconds of adjusting the angle, it ignited an intense blaze. Four rounds swished away from the launcher and flew across the air, carrying with them blindingly red flames.

Fu Shiwu was petrified. He didn’t want to die. What should I do?

The image in his perception had perfectly marked out the rounds’ landing point, and definitely, none of the three Level-3 aliens could escape, but that also meant that all of them here wouldn’t survive.

In his pupils, the rounds were coming closer and closer. At this moment, Tang Xuhai suddenly raced over and pressed him to the ground.

Being pressed down by Tang Xuhai, who was heavily armoured and thus weighed more than four hundred jins, Fu Shiwu toppled over, unable to even breathe.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As though they could shake the entire sky, four violent explosions reverberated.

The driver, whose eyes had turned all red, stared at the front without blinking. Tree branches, gravel and weeds that were mixed with blood and human corpses plummeted to the ground. Only a deep pit remained at the place where the group had battled, and except for a stretch of scorched land and pieces of severed arms and legs, there was nothing left.

It was simply wishful thinking to hope that someone might live through such a brutal blast.

As tears brimmed the corners of his eyes, the driver heaved a long sigh, quietly mourning for his comrades-in-arms. Then he started the armoured vehicle’s engine once more, planning to turn around and return to Pei City.

But at such a time, how could the Level-2 aliens that had gathered here because of the Level-3 aliens’ calling let go of this strange thing that had discharged and killed their leaders?

Layers and layers of Level-2 aliens crammed around the armoured vehicle and started pushing it, making the whole vehicle shake violently.

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