The Invasion Day

The Invasion Day – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 

After putting up such an explosive battle, Tang Xuhai directly shut his eyes on the swaying armoured vehicle and fell into a nap to quickly restore his strength.

Fu Shiwu used to marvel at how he could fall asleep so quickly. But now, watching him sit in a seat that wasn’t the most comfortable, leaning against the vehicle body then dozing off like an old monk entering his meditating state, Fu Shiwu couldn’t help but admire.

He wondered what Tang Xuhai must have experienced before obtaining this magical skill.

Seeing Tang Xuhai swaying left and right, Fu Shiwu hesitated a little bit before deciding to move closer, letting his body support Tang Xuhai and keep the man from wobbling too much. Unconsciously, Tang Xuhai tilted his head and simply leaned on Fu Shiwu’s shoulder.

The armoured vehicle drove into the area in front of Pei City, and under the intense search lights from the far wall, the aliens acted as though they were insects attracted by the lights, endlessly crowding around the wall.

The armoured vehicle advanced amidst the alien wave with much difficulty, and from time to time, the aliens would try to assault the vehicle, but in the end, they all had to helplessly give up. All this only made the vehicle’s progress even more sluggish.

Now that Fu Shiwu had mastered the essentials, he didn’t need to make his perception scan the surroundings all the time, instead, he only had to judge based on the direction of the aliens.

After a struggling 30 minutes, they finally moved across Areas C and D of Pei City and entered the highway.

As their speed increased multifold, Tang Xuhai also opened his eyes and stared sharply at the display.

“Over there, the Level-2 aliens all came from that direction.” Fu Shiwu pointed to a mountain ridge with no man-made path.

Without wasting a word, the soldier driving the armoured vehicle turned in that direction.

Fu Shiwu scanned the whole place inside his perception before raising an eyebrow: “There are so many Level-2 aliens here! It’s twice as many as the west.” 

As Geng Liangguan gripped the gun in his hand tightly, the other soldiers also started making preparations for the battle.

This time, before Fu Shiwu could catch sight of the Level-3 alien, all of a sudden, the armoured vehicle was hit extremely hard.


Under the huge impact, it couldn’t move forward at all.

“What’s the matter?” Startled and irate, Geng Liangguan asked. 

“It found us.” With an icy expression, Fu Shiwu pursed his lips: “There are too many Level-2 aliens around this Level-3 alien. The aliens must have passed the news among themselves, so it’s being exceptionally vigilant against us.”

“Then let’s commence the battle!” Tang Xuhai stood up, a fierce smile worn on his face as he planned to leave the armoured vehicle at once.

“Wait!” Geng Liangguan stopped him. Tang Xuhai quirked an eyebrow and looked straight back.

Having seen Tang Xuhai’s explosive combat powers, naturally, Geng Liangguan felt his heart skip a tiny beat. He said nervously: “Let our soldiers clear the obstacles first.”

Geng Liangguan was even afraid that Tang Xuhai wouldn’t listen to him.

But to his surprise, Tang Xuhai didn’t insist. He nodded and sat aside.

Geng Liangguan breathed a sigh of relief. Up to now, he hadn’t realised that Tang Xuhai himself was from the army. As long as Geng Liangguan didn’t make any erroneous commands, Tang Xuhai wouldn’t disregard his words.

The fire-type soldier among them stood up, and as a feeling of suffocation arose, his ability broke out with zeal. Balls and balls of flames merged into a fire wave and rolled into a huge sphere, burning fiercely around the armoured vehicle.

“Squeak!!!” Having the same instinct to fear fire just like the Earth’s creatures, the aliens left the armoured vehicles one after another under the intimidation of the scorching heat.

Geng Liangguan looked outside the window and asked the soldier: “Keep on, let’s open a way!”

“Roger!” With a stern depression, blue veins started bursting on the soldier’s forehead, and the flames surrounding the armoured vehicle became hotter, making even the temperature inside the vehicle jump up.

As Fu Shiwu’s gaze flickered lightly, he opened his mouth: “Which one of you is a wind-type user? You can cooperate with a fire-type user to create a flame tornado. This can help save a little effort.” 

Geng Liangguan thought for a moment and said: “Wind does assist firepower. Wind-type user, come to his assistance!”

“Roger!” Another soldier responded, and a breeze floated inside the vehicle. Very soon, a wind slowly rose, drizzling out of the vehicle’s body and tangling with the flames outside.

If the fire were only a natural fire, it would have been extinguished by the vigorous wind, but with the deliberate cooperation between fire-type and wind-type abilities, the fire slowly expanded in size, and the flame-fetching wind completely engulfed the entire area within a two-meter radius of the armoured vehicle.

“Great!” Geng Liangguan smacked the driver’s seat: “Go straight ahead!” 

While the armoured vehicle continued to drive forward for a few minutes, the alien crowd outside grew bigger. The creatures squeezed around the armoured car, yelling grudgingly.

Geng Liangguan’s gaze sank a little. Taking a deep breath, he said to the driver: “Fire!”

“Roger!” The driver pressed a button on the instrument panel next to him, and the launcher on the vehicle’s roof rotated. After getting a good angle, he pressed the launch button.

The two rounds let out two sharp screams, roaring and smashing toward the densely-packed aliens in front of the vehicle.

“Boom!!!” “Boom!!!”

Two huge flames soared into the air, and the heatwave washed down the trees on both sides, sending a massive number of broken branches and gravel blown into the sky before they fell down like rain.

The gravel hit the vehicle body with cracking noises, and as the smoke dispersed, two deep pits appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Fu Shiwu’s expression shifted abruptly. He firmly stood up and said in a hurry: “The Level-3 alien has appeared, and it’s moving at a high speed!”

“Oh?!” Geng Liangguan’s eyes became frighteningly bright: “In which direction?”

Fu Shiwu hesitated for a moment: “2 o’clock direction.”

Geng Liangguan commanded without a second thought: “2 o’clock direction, 1000-meter distance, fire!!” 

Very swiftly, the driver adjusted the position of the launcher, and “swish”, two rounds flew out.

The captain judged the position of the Level-3 alien based on the distance of perception that he understood Fu Shiwu could stretch until, but he forgot that Fu Shiwu had pushed through his own limit and doubled his perception distance.

This time, the rounds didn’t hit the Level-3 alien, rather, they had the creature stunned. The Level-3 alien hesitated for a moment but didn’t retreat, instead, it commanded a large number of Level-2 aliens to come forward.

Geng Liangguan was only a tad disappointed to learn that they didn’t hit the target. Although the shots didn’t reach the Level-3 alien, they actually killed lots of the Level-2 ones and the rounds weren’t wasted in vain.

There were only eight rounds planted on the armoured vehicle’s launcher. Out of considerations for their mission, Geng Liangguan didn’t continue to use it, instead, he had the soldiers go up to the roof and fire at the Level-2 alien with the heavy machine gun on top.

One after another, the other ability players also climbed up to the roof, each using their own abilities to kill and wound the countless Level-2 aliens that were surrounding them.

Although the soldiers tried their best to annihilate the creatures, their number was far too many. Till the point that the heavy machine gun emptied all its bullets, the group couldn’t see even the slightest reduction in their number.

Geng Liangguan wiped off the sweat on his face and said solemnly: “This won’t work, we’ll be exhausted by them. We have to come down to kill the Level-3 alien.”

Tang Xuhai climbed up, slowly covering his body with the battle armour. Crouching at the edge of the door, he stretched out one hand to pull Fu Shiwu out.

“I’ll come with you.” Fu Shiwu said with a tense expression: “Only I can locate the Level-3 alien. We’re still too far away from it.” 

The Level-3 alien was still moving non-stop, not to mention that the terrain here posed certain limitations and there were twice as many Level-2 aliens on this side. Fu Shiwu had to go deep into the alien wave with them.

“Certainly not!” Geng Liangguan firmly opposed the idea. Fu Shiwu’s role in the team was to be their living radar; how could he let Fu Shiwu get trapped deep among the aliens?

“Your objection is pointless.” Fu Shiwu stood up, pulled on the combat vest and drew two pistols. “This task originally requires you to listen to me. Without me being there, you would never find the Level-3 alien.”

Silently, Geng Liangguan was feeling rage bubbling inside him. This commander looked way too gentle. Though his ability might have suddenly become useful, he seemed like an educated but weak young man. In such a dangerous environment, Geng Liangguan wasn’t sure that he could protect him.

Fu Shiwu didn’t care what he thought. From the very beginning, he had never felt that he was playing a role that needed protection.

Fu Shiwu stared coldly at the aliens illuminated under the lights of the vehicles, and through the gap in between different powers, he fired.

“Bang bang bang!” As a crisp sound ruptured the air, all of Fu Shiwu’s bullets flew exactly in their intended paths and rammed precisely into an alien’s head. He shot a blank look at Geng Liangguan: “I won’t need your protection.”

With a “clack clack” sound, Tang Xuhai’s steel kneel swords moved across the vehicle’s body. He squinted at Geng Liangguan: “I’ll be responsible for protecting him. You should reserve your energy to complete the mission.”

Geng Liangguan had nothing to refute. Tang Xuhai’s combat force was the strongest among them.

Left with no choice, he had to instruct the driver to close the door, then the whole group walked down.

There was a rock-type special ability user in the special squad, who continuously summoned rock pillars to pierce the aliens’ bodies, then the earth-type ability user activated his powers to throw the aliens directly into the pits and bury them alive.

With them clearing the way, the men slowly walked to the area nearer to the Level-3 alien. Unlike the one in the west that rushed directly at them, this alien remained in hiding and refused to come out.

From time to time, it ran in another direction. Compared with its agility, the group’s moving speed was too slow; there was no way they could catch up with it.

“Xuhai.” Fu Shiwu pondered for a moment and said: “We shouldn’t chase after it. We won’t be able to catch up even when we’re all exhausted. You just stand here and kill it. If I work with you, we’ll be able to lure it out.”

Although Geng Liangguan’s men had displayed enough destructive powers, it wasn’t enough to pull a grudge from this alien. This job had to be done by Tang Xuhai for it to work.   

Tang Xuhai nodded calmly: “Leave it to me.”

Even as he charged head-on into the mountain of aliens, Tang Xuhai’s whole body armour wasn’t afraid of close combat in the slightest. Compared with him, these naked aliens with not even a single hair on their bodies had a defence value that was as good as zero.

Like a tiger that pounded at a flock of sheep, Tang Xuhai jumped in and his blade smoothly harvested several alien heads.

The Level-2 aliens were indeed sensitive, but once a group battle became this crowded, they didn’t have much room to move and dodge the attack. Quite literally, they stood there like a meat pile, waiting to be killed by Tang Xuhai.

“Hiss!!!” The Level-2 alien in front clearly began to show fear, but the aliens behind it pushed the creature forward, directly slamming it against Tang Xuhai’s blade.

Fu Shiwu stood behind Tang Xuhai, killing all the aliens that passed by him while handing over all the aliens behind and around him to the remaining members of the special squad.

The moment a white shadow very quickly flashed past his eyes, Fu Shiwu’s heart shuddered. Finally, this Level-3 alien couldn’t hold its calm any longer!

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